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Advanced 90mm Bocce Set

  • Product Info

    If you are ready for some serious Bocce fun and competition then our traditional Advanced 90mm Bocce Set is perfect for you.  Made using full resin construction that is designed to take the hard hits required in Bocce.  The matte finish is specifically designed to reduce glare and improve accuracy.  Two types of etchings on the balls allow for up to 4 players to track scoring without the need for distracting multicolored balls.  The heavy duty carry bag with extra pouch keeps you ready for the backyard or beach.

  • Specifications

    • 8 - 90mm resin balls with two etching patterns for multiplayer scoring
    • 4 Red & 4 Green balls
    • 40mm palino
    • Heavy duty zippered carry bag with strap and extra pouch
    • Traditional matte finish to prevent glare and improve accuracy
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